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Our Company - Herbal Alchemy, LLC

Herbal Alchemy infuses art and science into nature-based, advanced treatment skincare. Our philosophy draws on traditional healing from both Eastern and Western cultures that help to alleviate different skin concerns. We focus on providing effective, safe, and pampering products that can be used by all ages.

In addition to skincare, our retail store carries a wide selection of aromatherapy home products, bath items, hair care, essential oils, natural perfumes, men’s grooming, pain relief including THC, as well as wellness books and merchandise.  


Growing up in tropical Asia, the abundant world of botany fascinated me with its many uses and mysterious stories told through family lore. My own path toward all-natural skincare started in 2000 after my child developed hives from a bubble bath. After not being able to find products that I was happy with, I started to experiment with traditional herbalism and aromatherapy to create therapeutic items that we could safely use at home. It soon became a passion and led to the creation of Herbal Alchemy. I hope that these carefully researched and artfully crafted products will bring you happiness as it does for me during the creation process!

-Phoebe, Company Owner

Our Products

Our products are meticulously made with freshness and quality in mind. Thoughtfully selected ingredients are combined to soothe specific skin issues, while providing a good cosmetic feel. We use only cold-pressed oils, natural botanicals, and food-grade preservatives in all of our concoctions. Most ingredients chosen for our extensive lines of products are organic or wildcrafted. 

Free from:

  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • formaldehyde
  • paraffin
  • mineral oil
  • animal testing
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