Our Company - Herbal Alchemy, LLC

bath bombs, natural bath products, organic skincare

We are located in the Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Here at Herbal Alchemy, we have a passion for infusing art and science into nature-based, advanced treatment skincare.  Our philosophy draws on both Western and Eastern traditional healing.  With the modern benefits of technology and sourcing, we seek out exotic ingredients that have effectively been used throughout the ages from all around the world.  Our focus is on providing effective and safe skincare that is also low on the comedogenic scale.  Amongst the wide variety of condition-specific products to choose from, we are confident that you will find something well-suited for your skin type. 

Our Story

Growing up in tropical Asia, our founder was surrounded by her mother’s jungle medicine and father’s traditional Eastern herbalism.  The abundant world of botany fascinated her, with their many uses and mysterious stories echoed through family lore.  Her own path toward all-natural skincare started in 2000, after her baby developed hives from a bubble bath.  Unhappy with available products in-store, she began her own line of effective yet pampering items through creative use of herbalism and aromatherapy.  The joy of sharing her natural products with family and friends soon led to the creation of Herbal Alchemy, to bring these beautiful products to the public.